The patient's care plan is developed after review of the patient's symptoms and case history.

The care plan is individualized for each patient's needs and goals.

Schaeffer Chiropractic provides comprehensive care for each and every patient.

Patients say it best:

"My whole family has benefited from Dr. Schaeffer's care."


Sub-Occipital Traction: Gentle manual traction at the base of the skull to relieve pressure & the effects of chronic muscle spasm. Effective for head, neck and jaw disorders, Bell’s Palsy, migraine headaches, balance disorders, etc.  

Biomechanical Testing: A series of tests that is based on leg length inequality to determine the presence of joint dysfunction.  

Interferential Therapy: This is an electro-therapy treatment for the relief of pain and the promotion of soft tissue healing. Patient benefits include reduced symptoms, decreased local swelling, promotion of muscle tone, restores normal movement, releases body's natural pain killers, and accelerates the healing process.

BackHealth: A simple program that strengthens the lower back, specifically the multifidus group of core muscles that attaches your spine to your pelvic girdle.  A specific rehab exercise for the most difficult low back cases.  

Laser Therapy:  Cold low-level laser therapy that accelerates healing and reduces pain. Provides healing responses at the cellular level particularly through increased microcirculation. Especially for the most chronic long term conditions & the most acute injuries.

Gait Training:  Reestablishing your gait pattern & mechanics of locomotion. Restores & maintains balance & preserves proper function.

Proprioceptive Neural Facilitation (PNF): For the restoration & maintenance of balance. Assists in maintaining gait control & complete function. ​

Nutritional Analysis: A computerized analysis of a health assessment questionnaire to determine nutritional imbalances and nutrient deficiencies in your body.  Targets specific nutritional supplements that would be appropriate for your specific health issues.  We feature the Biotics supplement line exclusively, the best for over 20 years.

Detoxification: A variety (3 day to 2 weeks) of body detox/cleanse programs are available. Most every patient reports weight loss, increased energy & decreased cravings as a result of these time tested methods.​

Consultation:  This is offered at no charge​ for those seeking the possibility of Activator Methods chiropractic care. A brief review of  symptoms, case history and basis of treatment is provided at no charge.
Chiropractic Adjustment: Spinal correction according to the Activator Method protocols. An Activator adjusting instrument is utilized to relieve joint & nerve dysfunction and allow the body to return to natural function and capability. The intent is to restore biomechanical balance and symmetry regarding joint function.

Extremity Adjustment:  Similar treatment is also available for all extremities, including shoulders, elbows, hands, jaw, knees and feet, using the Activator Method & instrument. This contributes to the stabilization of the core structure, the spine. This is always included with the above spinal adjustment.